By The Randolph Solar Development Team

Recently we posted a blog post about the benefits of solar to Charlotte County and the local community. Don’t just take our word for it, read what small business owners in Southside Virginia have to say about the benefits that they have seen from other solar projects in the region:

“Solar construction has brought a big boom to Chase City’s local merchants. The motel has been full for a year and a half, RV parking at the fairground has increased significantly, local restaurants and shops have been busy, and the construction team purchases from the local butcher to feed their crew. Solar construction has been a blessing for us, especially during COVID. While other areas have seen a decline in business, we have seen an increase.”
Monty Hightower, Owner, Wholesale Parts Authority Inc., Chase City, VA

“Our business and our employees are benefitting from the construction of solar projects in Southside Virginia. We are seeing new business opportunities as we become more involved in the industry. These projects provide an immediate opportunity for all businesses in this region to grow and employ more of our local people.”
Lane W. Gunn, Project Manager, Red Oak Excavating, Charlotte County resident

“These solar projects are buying supplies from locals, eating at local restaurants, and buying other local services. They have been very accommodating and whenever there has been a concern they immediately address such as how they access the property for surveying and anything else that has come up.”
Dane Little, Chip Manager, Carolina Chips, Emporia, VA

If you have questions or comments about the benefits of Randolph Solar to the local community in Charlotte County, please contact us email at or via phone at 703-672-5097. For more information on the Randolph Solar Project, visit