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Otter Creek Solar | 60 MW-AC

Current Status: Construction

  • Otter Creek Solar is a 60 MW-AC solar project in construction in Mecklenburg County, VA, owned by Virginia Electric Power Company (Dominion Energy) to be operated as a regulated asset. The project will connect to Dominion’s transmission system via an existing 115kV transmission line.
  • In 2016, SolUnesco secured site control of ~680 acres.
  • December of 2016, SolUnesco sold the project rights to Brookfield and executed a Development Services Agreement. SolUnesco retained day-to-day project development responsibilities including landowner relations, community relations, site diligence, local permitting, support for the interconnection process, and support for commercial offtake agreements.
  • December 2020, Brookfield sold the project to Virginia Electric Power Company. SolUnesco no longer provides active development services for the Otter Creek project.
  • The project will interconnect to Dominion’s grid via a tap into a new 115kV Dominion owned transmission line, located on the property. SolUnesco entered Otter Creek into the PJM queue with positions AB2-077, AB2-078 & AB2-079 for a cumulative of 60 Once complete this project will provide power to the wholesale electricity grid and either sell directly to a large customer, the utility, or the utility may purchase the project adding this competitive, fixed priced power to their portfolio of power generation.

Project Details


60 MWac / power the equivalent of ~ 9,600 homes


Mecklenburg County, VA