We are thrilled to announce the creation of the SolUnesco Foundation, an entity entirely dedicated to supporting local communities in Virginia. 

The idea for the foundation stems from our company value of being a good neighbor. When SolUnesco develops a solar project, we are creating a long-term neighbor, and so we aim to support community residents, business owners, schools, and county services by bringing good jobs, economic growth, and many other lasting benefits to the county. 

The primary function of the SolUnesco Foundation is currently to administer the SolUnesco Strengthening Communities Awards. Each year, the foundation will accept applications from local nonprofits, schools, and charities who are striving to make a positive impact on the entire community.  

“We all benefit when we support deserving members of our community in need of assistance,” said SolUnesco CEO Francis Hodsoll. “This foundation is a way to support the incredible efforts already being made to enhance the lives of Virginia residents. And it’s a way to encourage new ideas and innovations that need early support.” 

We invite applicants to tell us about a need they see, how their program, service, or special project will help fulfill that need, and how their plan will enhance the lives of residents in their area. A panel of independent judges will determine eligibility, score applications, and select finalists and winners. In a given award cycle, we are usually able to fund multiple applications, and we welcome applications for different ideas within the same organization, school, department, or office. 

In the first award cycle of 2022, we received an impressive pool of applicants, and plan to announce our first round of winners by March 30.  

You can find more information about this year’s SolUnesco Strengthening Communities Awards by visiting: https://randolphsolar.solunesco.com/strengthening-communities-award/ 

Learn more about SolUnesco at: https://solunesco.com/