By The Randolph Solar Development Team

Increased tax revenue, hundreds of jobs and increased revenue to landowners – solar projects provide many direct and indirect economic benefits in a community. Here are just some benefits Randolph Solar, if approved, brings to the local community in Charlotte County:

  • Increased local income during construction includes tens of millions spent on labor and materials.
  • Indirect economic benefits during construction include workers spending money locally at restaurants, shops, conveniences stores, gas stations, etc. This could cumulatively number in the millions of dollars.
  • Increased local opportunities for income during project operations including landscaping maintenance on the project site.
  • Solar provides significant new revenue to local landowners. With the uncertainty of farming, solar projects allow for many landowners to retain ownership of their land.
  • Increases local tax revenues to significantly more than one million annually from approximately $150 thousand per year, currently – expected to be an increase of more than $50 million over thirty-five years. County revenues are consistent or increasing throughout the life of the project.
  • No additional costs to Charlotte County. Randolph Solar will not require any additional services while producing increased revenue for the county.
  • Solar projects are attractive to many companies looking to invest in a community such as data centers, bringing additional new jobs and revenue to the county.

Local support can help ensure the success of the project and bring these benefits to Charlotte County. If you would like to show your support, reach out to a member of our team via email at or via phone at 703-672-5097. For more information on the Randolph Solar Project, visit