By the Randolph Solar Development Team

A 258-acre former tobacco farm has belonged to two generations of Harvey Powell’s family. Harvey recalls the labor and uncertainty of tobacco farming. “You never knew of you were going to have a good year or a bad one. Dry weather meant that good years didn’t happen that often, so we never had any money to waste.” 

Born in Charlotte County, Harvey has returned home after decades away, eager to retire in the community he loves and has known all his life. “It’s peaceful, it’s quiet, and there’s very little crime here,” Harvey explains.  

His home sits less than a mile from the farm, which he is leasing to the Randolph Solar project. The income will provide much needed peace of mind and stability in Harvey’s retirement, as well as benefits to Charlotte County. “This is a way to pay your taxes, which are higher than ever.” 

Today, Harvey and his son Tim keep 54 head of cattle on a nearby pasture. “We’re not worried at all about the panels near the cows. The panels are quiet and safe. Nothing is going to leak. Manufacturing standards make sure of that.”

More than anything, Harvey and his family want peace and rest, and the freedom to use their land as they desire to take care of themselves. To learn more about Randolph Solar and the benefits to all Charlotte County neighbors, visit