By the Randolph Solar Development Team

In just a few months, the Randolph Solar project will take another step forward in its development, when our team will meet with the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission during public hearings. In the meantime, Randolph Solar has been working closely with our community to ensure the project will bring major tax and economic benefits while fitting seamlessly into the surrounding beauty of Charlotte County. 

Over 150 landowners are participating in the project with option agreements that will benefit their families, their land, and ultimately the entire County. While we have 22,000 acres under site control, 5,000 acres will be used for panels and related equipment. Randolph Solar will ensure that in addition to maintaining the 5,000 acres, an additional 3,000 acres will be placed under conservation easement. In total, 8,000 acres will remain pristine and protected as the project produces enough clean energy to power over 145,000 homes. Additionally, Randolph Solar anticipates creating over 1,000 construction jobs and 55 permanent jobs, bringing $600 million in tax and other fiscal benefits to the County and lowering energy costs for all our neighbors. 

Not only is Randolph Solar working closely with landowners, but also with owners of neighboring land. Our team has been meeting with the project’s neighbors in their homes to answer questions, respond to concerns, and even discuss options about solar panel placement. Before our engineers finalize the design and layout of the project, we’re ensuring that all neighbors get a chance to get answers and give feedback. If you have received a note or a call, please feel free to reach out to our team today. 

We look forward to continued progress and will bring you more updates as they arise. Read more about the Randolph Solar Project and follow us on Facebook.