By The Randolph Solar Development Team

On September 12, in a 4-3 vote, the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors rejected the excessive and unworkable setbacks for solar projects as proposed. Instead, the Supervisors voted to accept the Planning Commission’s recommendation for setbacks for solar.

The approved setbacks will allow solar projects to:

  • move forward
  • allow developers to invest in the community
  • provide needed revenue to the county
  • allow solar developers to focus on accommodating the needs of neighbors who will be impacted by the solar project

As the developer of Randolph Solar, SolUnesco is thankful of the support the company received from the Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors, and from residents of Charlotte County. “We appreciate the hard work of the planning commission, the county staff, and the Board. We understand that there are differing opinions and hope that we can all respect these differences,” Francis Hodsoll, CEO of SolUnesco said.

You can view the full article in the Charlotte Gazette here.