Who Does this Project Benefit?

By The Randolph Solar Development Team

Yes, Randolph Solar will benefit property owners whose land is being used, but it will also benefit all residents of Charlotte County. Randolph Solar will bring substantial new tax revenue to the county, benefit numerous local businesses, and employ several hundred people during construction (about 1 ½ to 2 years).

The construction of Randolph Solar represents an investment of more than $600 million in what is expected to be the largest taxpayer in the county. These tax dollars could be used by the County in a variety of ways – to support local schools, police, fire, rescue, social services, and community services. Randolph Solar will also broaden Charlotte County’s tax base without the need to build new roads schools, as may be the case with other large economic development projects.

Randolph Solar’s proposed site plan will maintain existing forested buffers, supplemented where needed by additional plantings. Solar facilities are quiet, produce zero emissions, have low profiles, and safeguard neighbors’ views by preserving trees and vegetation. All of these contribute to improving the aesthetic quality of the area, a consideration when assessing property values.

Local businesses will see an economic benefit both directly and indirectly from construction including construction businesses, contractors, transportation, gasoline stations, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, and full-service restaurants.

Here’s what Lane W. Gunn, Project Manager at Red Oak Excavating and Charlotte County resident has to say about solar:

“Our business and our employees are benefitting from the construction of solar projects in Southside Virginia. We are seeing new business opportunities as we become more involved in the industry. These projects provide an immediate opportunity for all businesses in this region to grow and employ more of our local people.”

If you have questions or comments about Randolph Solar, please contact us via email at randolphsolar@solunesco.com or via phone at 703-672-5097. For more information on the Randolph Solar Project, visit randolphsolar.solunesco.com.

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