Gillespie, Like Many VA GOP, Supports All Energy Forms

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Under Governor Terry McAuliffe, Virginia has seen a rapid growth of its renewable energy market, particularly with solar energy development. With the upcoming gubernatorial election, it has been unclear how much support renewable growth will continue to receive from Richmond; While Democratic candidate Ralph Northam is committed to the status quo set up by McAuliffe, Republican Ed Gillespie has been silent on renewables – his campaign site only touts a desire to work with the White House in promoting the use of fossil

Dear Mr. President…How to Help the Renewable Energy Industry

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It seems that every day we see another headline about the incredible growth of renewable energy and its numerous positive effects on the economy. While there is an ongoing discussion about the threat of climate change, there is a growing consensus that renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, are not only good for the planet but good for the economy as well. Increasingly, that consensus is spreading across the aisle, bringing opposite ends of the political spectrum together. This

U.S. Solar Jobs Outnumber U.S. Coal Jobs… By A Lot!

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This month, the Department of Energy released the “U.S. Energy and Employment Report”, an annual report that highlights employment data and trends for each of the energy sectors. While the report concedes that the solar industry employment data is difficult to measure, it suggests that the solar industry may have added 73,000 jobs in the past year, bringing total solar jobs to 373,000. To put this into perspective; the same DOE report puts U.S. coal jobs at roughly 86,000, total.

Virginia’s Attorney General Offers Support to Clean Power Plan

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In February, the fate of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) was put into question when the Supreme Court put a stay on the rule, pending a judicial review. With the upcoming administration change, the question mark has grown. On December 28, those of us in Virginia learned bit about where our leadership stands when Attorney General Mark Herring affixed his name to an open letter to Donald Trump, urging him to “continue the federal government’s defense of the Clean Power


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LET THE VIRGINIA ADVANCE ENERGY INDUSTRIES BUILD IT (not Dominion), AND THEY WILL COME It is a basic desire of all Americans (and Virginians) to live our lives as we wish; working, employing, purchasing goods, real estate, services, and recreating, each in our personal search for fulfillment.  For some, this may take the form of owning a small business and relaxing at a mountain cabin.  For others, it may be teaching 8th graders how to solve simultaneous equations and scrapbooking

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