Solar Power Southeast: Does Passion + Wisdom = Resilience?

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Despite scary challenges, strength and optimism While the Suniva trade case – potentially a devastating price increase especially for utility-scale – loomed largely, attendees eagerly packed presentations.  The audience’s questions provided an interesting barometer to the psyche in the room.  Participants focused on where we are going and how to get there.  Further, the evolving business models continue to pry open market segments.  We are tenacious! Even in markets dominated by utilities such as Florida Power & Light, some competitors

The Latest Buzz: Solar Farms as Pollinator Sanctuaries

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Overview Pollinators, such as honeybees and butterflies, are the unsung heroes of agriculture. However, their populations have been collapsing in recent years, creating a crisis for farmers who depend on them. Solar developers have started creating habitat sanctuaries to help reverse this trend.

U.S. Solar Jobs Outnumber U.S. Coal Jobs… By A Lot!

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This month, the Department of Energy released the “U.S. Energy and Employment Report”, an annual report that highlights employment data and trends for each of the energy sectors. While the report concedes that the solar industry employment data is difficult to measure, it suggests that the solar industry may have added 73,000 jobs in the past year, bringing total solar jobs to 373,000. To put this into perspective; the same DOE report puts U.S. coal jobs at roughly 86,000, total.

Green Roofs and Solar

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If you are employed in the construction industry, you certainly have heard the first two terms and know what they mean.  The third term may not be as familiar, but should be self-explanatory.  GRIPV systems integrate solar, or photovoltaic systems, directly into the green roofing on a project.  Although not a system prevalent in the US, these systems are being installed in Germany as competition for roof space between these eco-friendly installations increases. The main benefit of a GRIPV system

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