By the Randolph Solar Development Team

Donald Robinson comes from a family of tobacco farmers in Charlotte County. “My parents, aunts, uncles, they all got their start on the farm.” Today, Donald is retired from many years as an administrator in Charlotte County Public Schools, and is enjoying his grandchildren, the home he maintains in Charlotte County, and being an active member of Galilee Baptist Church. 

He’s also putting his 80 acres into the Randolph Solar project. “The land isn’t going to get money any other way. My wife and I are elderly now, and we’re not going to use that land.” 

Eager for the benefits to all of Charlotte County, Donald most wants to see the schools get the financial boost they deserve. “The taxes that Randolph will bring in are very good for the school system. We won’t have to raise taxes to improve the schools.” 

A boost to the tax base will lift up all of his neighbors. “There will be less strain on the people struggling to keep up with these high taxes, and for the whole local economy. Charlotte doesn’t have as much industry as it used to. We need to give people work and that’s what’s coming with the solar panels.” 

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