By the Randolph Solar Development Team

In her 33 years teaching elementary school in Charlotte County, Nancy Lovelace, 82, often bought supplies with her own money because school budgets fell short. “I bought them project supplies and materials. I see teachers are still using their own money today,” Nancy explains, in order to give students the essentials for learning, including heating, cooling, pest control, and other basic maintenance and repairs. “The schools still don’t have enough money.”

Funding schools is just one of the reasons Nancy is participating in Randolph Solar, which will increase Charlotte County’s tax base and bring school and county service improvements. “Most people don’t realize just how much benefit the project will give to the county,” Nancy emphasizes. “Just stop and think about that—what the tax revenue will do for us.”

The 82 acres Nancy is leasing belonged to her late husband’s family. “After the project ends, the land will be taken back into the family.” And Nancy will continue to live in the home she has known most of her life. “I’m not going anywhere. The solar land sits right across the road from my house. Solar power is going to grow and I would like to see it in our county.” 

“I’ve lived here all my life,” Nancy shares. “This is a quiet place. People are friendly and helpful. It’s a nice community. But there’s a lot of false information. People need to take a second look at what they’re hearing. Solar is not going to ruin their land. Or mine.” 

Though retired from teaching, Nancy runs a boarding kennel with her son and another employee. They board up to 25 dogs at a time for customers who live in Charlotte, Buckingham, Prince Edward, Halifax, Lunenberg, Mecklenburg, and many other counties. “We are busy. My land in the project will help me with the heating and A/C costs. And it would be nice to hire extra help.”

Like her fellow neighbors, Nancy wants her community to thrive with a secure base for the future—schools, jobs, and successful local businesses.

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