by Lea Maamari

SolUnesco is excited to announce the official launch of our charitable giving program—the SolUnesco Charitable Giving Program. As a community citizen, we seek opportunities to share our values and success in communities where we do business and with organizations—either local bodies or branches of larger agencies—that are serving local constituents through their programs. We seek out partners who share our philosophy and core values of trust, passion, creativity, community, and expertise.

It is in this spirit that we are announcing the official kick-off of the Partners Program, an initiative with Seneca Ridge Middle School, home to more than 1,000 “Thunderbolts” who are embracing learning as a lifelong process.

The many community businesses listed below who attended the Kick-Off Event have established a mission of contributing to the education and development of Seneca Ridge Middle School’s youth, while providing volunteer and networking opportunities for their employees and leaders.

“Our kids benefit when the community partners with our teachers and staff providing diverse perspectives and unique educational opportunities,” said Nick Cottone, Principal of Seneca Ridge Middle School.

During the kick-off meeting, held on May 4, 2018, the founding partners established key areas of focus for the initiative, such as STEAM , movement/exercise, self-defense, food preparation, and fine arts. To identify the opportunities for cross fertilization between the teachers and the partners, the Seneca Partners are being invited to Seneca Ridge’s Teacher Professional Development Day in August.  

The next steps for the Partnership are to establish collaboration tools, to set up a governance mechanism, and to drive momentum to further the goals of the initiative.

“The SolUnesco team believes strongly in giving back to the communities where we operate and live. We want SolUnesco to be a good neighbor,” commented Francis Hodsoll, CEO and Co-founder, SolUnesco.

Kick-Off Meeting Participant Companies

  • USGIF (US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation)
  • Barakat Orthodontics
  • Miller*s Ale House
  • Joe’s Pizzeria
  • Mile High Karate
  • Dee Dee’s Design
  • Center for Innovative Technology
  • Mase Training
  • Percipient A.I.
  • Sterling Playmakers
  • SolUnesco

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