On Wednesday we presented at the Virginia Association of Assessing Officers (VAAO) Property Assessment Conference (Click here to download presentation). The association and their conferences provide continuing education to the Virginia community of assessors. We believe that maintaining a healthy dialogue with the professionals who determine land values for the purpose of tax assessments serves the solar industry well.

Francis Hodsoll, CEO, presented on policies driving national solar markets and their application to the Virginia framework. He also explained the tremendous growth projected for the Virginia market and the underlying drivers of this growth. He presented the general solar energy development process, including the state and local permitting processes and timelines. Lastly, he discussed local economic benefits, for example, the increased tax revenues and the impact of changes to Virginia Code.

Solar energy policies and regulations are helping to expand opportunities for customers to purchase power from affordable, clean energy resources that protect them from future energy cost volatility. With the introduction of this growth industry to Virginia, the local impacts will include not only increased tax revenue to the counties but also the local capabilities and experience in this high growth industry. We see Virginia turning a corner and starting to position itself to benefit economically from solar.