Hear what local business owners have to say about solar

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By The Randolph Solar Development Team Recently we posted a blog post about the benefits of solar to Charlotte County and the local community. Don’t just take our word for it, read what small business owners in Southside Virginia have to say about the benefits that they have seen from other solar projects in the region: "Solar construction has brought a big boom to Chase City's local merchants. The motel has been full for a year and a half, RV parking

Randolph Solar will benefit Charlotte County and the local community

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By The Randolph Solar Development Team Increased tax revenue, hundreds of jobs and increased revenue to landowners – solar projects provide many direct and indirect economic benefits in a community. Here are just some benefits Randolph Solar, if approved, brings to the local community in Charlotte County: Increased local income during construction includes tens of millions spent on labor and materials. Indirect economic benefits during construction include workers spending money locally at restaurants, shops, conveniences stores, gas stations, etc. This

How SolUnesco Became One of Virginia’s Leading Solar Developers

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by Francis Hodsoll, Jon Hillis and Melody S. Gee Melody S. Gee is a business and technical writer in St. Louis, MO. Next spring, SolUnesco will celebrate five years as one of our state’s leading solar developers. As we reflect on our growth and the excitement of upcoming projects, we wanted to share the story of our beginnings: two passionate developers, a well-timed market opportunity, and deep commitment to best practices. Seizing Opportunity from the Beginning In 2015, Jon Hillis

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