What is utility-scale solar?

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"Utility-scale” refers to solar energy generation facilities that contribute electricity directly into the power grid, just as conventional energy plants do. These sites are usually ground mounted and can range from about ten to several-hundred acres in size.

Will utility – scale solar create jobs?

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Local contractors will have the opportunity to bid on these projects and we always seek to hire local qualified personnel. Local businesses will likely experience increased revenue during the construction. Further, these projects put money in local landowners’ pockets who may spend locally.

Will this increase my electricity bill?

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The majority of solar projects in Virginia have sold their energy to corporate buyers meaning no impact on to the general rate payer. In the case that a utility does decide to procure solar energy, they do so because it is in the best interest of their ratepayer -- Utilities are not mandated to purchase any solar energy in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Will it provide solar power to the nearby houses?

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Large-scale solar power plants provide energy to the wholesale grid, and are not directly connected to the nearby homes. Depending on how the electricity grid is configured some of the energy may travel to and be consumed by nearby users.

Who buys the electricity?

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The project will typically sell the electricity either to an electric utility or one of many large companies who are purchasing their electricity directly from solar farms.

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