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Moody Creek Solar

  • In February of 2018, SolUnesco secured site control of 1,274 acres. In April, we added additional acreage, bringing the total controlled acreage up 1,700. The design for the layout utilizes 829 acres of the 1,700 acres.
  • SolUnesco sold the project rights to Apex Clean Energy and executed a Development Services Agreement. SolUnesco retains day-to-day project development responsibilities including landowner relations, community relations site diligence, vendor management, local, state and federal permitting, support of the interconnection process, and support for commercial offtake agreements.
  • The project will interconnect to a Virginia Power (115kV) line. SolUnesco submitted applications for an interconnect and wholesale market interconnect under PJM queue position AD2-063 for 150 MWac.
  • The project has achieved full site control. Once complete, this project will provide power to the wholesale electricity grid and either sell directly to a large customer, the utility, or the utility may purchase the project, adding this competitive, fixed priced power to their portfolio of power generation.
  • PJM Feasibility Study has been complete and Systems Impact Study is underway.
  • In September 2019, the project received zoning approval from the Board of Supervisors with a Conditional Use Permit from Charlotte County.
  • Desktop analyses on the project site: 1) Review of Virginia Department of Historic Resources (VDHR) cultural resources database search; and 2) ┬áDatabase of constraint information, including topography, wetlands, National Hydrography Dataset, soils, etc. We have also commissioned a wetlands field walk to verify areas identified as wetlands in the desktop analysis and have completed a title search for all relevant property.

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150 MWac


Charlotte County, VA